The National Curriculum of England is the result of study and research into contemporary curriculum design that lasted over 25 years. It was designed by a group of experts commissioned by the Department for Education and Skills of England whose objective was to compile information about the requirements of universities and public and private enterprise to develop an academic programme which offers students the tools which they really need to be efficient, effective and competitive in their future endeavors.

The Oxford School has adopted this academic plan and implements it under the guidance of professional English scholars who maintain our personnel permanently up-to-date in the methodology, content and goals of The National Curriculum.

Our academic programme is recognized as one of the most modern and advanced of its kind on a global level and, based on the precepts of The National Curriculum of England, it has become the most efficient and effective system of bilingual education.

The National Curriculum of England


Raising standards in education is the primary purpose of The Oxford School. For this reason, we have adopted the IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education), which was implemented by the University of Cambridge in England in 1988, and the AICE (Advanced International Certificate of Education) which was introduced in 1994. These are consecutive programmes in The Oxford School covering the last four years of secondary school from 9th to 12th grades. We were officially recognized as a centre for the University of Cambridge International Examinations in 2001 and have offered these examinations to our students since that time.

The IGCSE is a programme of study that lasts two years (9th and 10th grades). Its principal goal is to prepare students for success in academic or professional ventures and it has been implemented in international and local community schools in over 100 countries worldwide. In some countries the IGCSE satisfies the entry requirements to university; in others it is used primarily as preparation for well-known programmes of advanced education such as the International A Level, the International Baccalaureate and the United States Advanced Placement Courses.

AICE is a high-quality programme in English which prepares students for university programmes around the world. To qualify for the diploma, students are required to study subjects from three academic areas: Mathematics and Science, Languages and Humanities. The AICE programme directly follows the IGCSE programme in The Oxford School and allows students to adjust their studies to suit their interests, abilities and future plans within the framework of an international curriculum.

The AICE programme is recognized in over 40 countries and is accredited in more than 140 universities in the USA and Canada. The majority of these universities offer university credits for students who complete the diploma successfully.

University of Cambridge International Exams



Our students get their first taste of the English language at the early age of 2, since the younger the children are, the easier and more effective learning becomes. Our pre-kinder students start with the development of reading, pre-writing and numbers in an entertaining and dynamic way.

From the age of 4, students undertake tasks which include basic subjects such as Mathematics, Spelling, Reading and Science. The students also develop physical, social, emotional and cognitive skills through the use of parallel programmes, workbooks and handcrafts.

Extracurricular activities, such as drama, music, folklore dancing and multicultural activities complement our academic curriculum.

The goals set for our preschool are to encourage students to make the most of their learning abilities and potential, as well as to detect and correct possible learning problems at an early age in order to obtain the best results.


Primary School

Our education emphasizes the development of abilities of analysis, communication, and critical processing of information. We also accentuate the ability to identify, analyze and solve problems using the latest technological resources.

Our students work in a cooperative environment, showing respect and understanding of individual differences.

Our programme for primary school is flexible, depending on the needs of each and every student. For this reason the school has a Department for Attention to Diversity and a group of tutors who dedicate their time in helping students in the areas that are identified as special needs. These students follow an Individual Education Plan with a modified curriculum developed especially for their needs.

All our classes are taught in English with the exception of Spanish, French and Social Studies. Our qualified staff has been meticulously selected through our Psychology Department with strict attention to adequate preparation and experience.


Secondary School

Our students begin to develop logical, formal and abstract thinking in secondary school.

Students study, reason and understand what has been taught in class in a modern, cheerful and motivating environment. Our qualified teachers take the task of explaining the content areas of their subjects to students seriously. Students' achievements are evaluated on a regular basis.

Subjects such as Biology, Chemistry and Physics are taught from 6th grade. For those students continuing in the Science area these subjects are compulsory right through until their last year.

Students in the area of Commerce take subjects like Marketing, Advertising, Psychology and Business Administration. All students graduate with a specialization in Information and Communication Technology. Due to the fact that our secondary school follows the programmes of study developed by the University of Cambridge International Examinations, successful graduating students receive an internationally recognized diploma called the Advanced International Certificate of Education. This title is recognized in over 40 countries around the world including more than 146 universities in the USA. They are also awarded one of the following nationally recognized diplomas: Science and Arts with specialization in Natural Science, Science and Arts with specialization in Creative Arts and Language or Commerce with specialization in Accounting and Computer Studies.